Results-driven holistic and medical grade complementary face and body treatments in Southampton.

Choose from relaxing prescriptive facials and nail care to tension alleviating massages and body treatments for a restored mind and body.

We treat conditions like facial and body acne, ageing-related skin conditions, flaccid skin, uneven complexions, rosacea, keratosis, pigmentation, sciatica,

scoliosis, insomnia, bell’s palsy, carpal tunnel, arthritis, chronic muscle or joint pain, old sports, spinal injuries and many more.

High-performing skin rejuvenating treatments, vegan-friendly waxing and nail care are available for both men and women.

Our therapists are fully trained and qualified in the therapies they provide.

Group and corporate bookings welcome.

Cath M.20 Oct 2017
Carol B.30 Sep 2017
Ashya R.28 Sep 2017
Vicky K.23 Sep 2017
Chris G.8 Sep 2017

Excellent massage. I’ve rebooked!

Gerard B.5 Aug 2017
Hannah W.4 Aug 2017
Cath M.31 Jul 2017
Nicola C.30 Jul 2017
Jackie H.24 Jul 2017
Carolyn J.19 Jul 2017
Esther J.14 Jul 2017
MISS N.4 Jul 2017
Jon T.26 Jun 2017
Francesca G.25 Jun 2017
Susan M.24 Jun 2017
Elizabeth H.21 Jun 2017
Liudmila J.15 Jun 2017
Richard H.10 Jun 2017
Rashmi G.9 Jun 2017
Sophie M.7 Jun 2017
Beeridie H.5 Jun 2017
Craig H.28 May 2017
Jack C.26 May 2017

Great service, lovely professional lady, would definitely recommend to anyone. Made me feel relaxed and confident with great result too.

Jo K.18 May 2017

Fantastic… I have been to many different massage business over the last few years and I can honestly say that this has been the best treatment I have had. Brenda is very dedicated to her work and her attention to detail is excellent. She has really helped me out with sports injuries that I have suffered from for a long time. I would certainly recommend to everyone.

Phil F.18 May 2017