BABOR facials with Endulge Therapy are the best… simply because we believe every person is unique to their experiences… and so is their skin!

With bespoke facial treatments to meet your skin’s specific needs, we only work with BABOR and DOCTOR BABOR’s premium skincare systems for their high performing results. The range of skincare systems we use are targeted at repairing skin-type deficiency’s arising from age, hormonal changes from stress and medication, environmental stress and pollution, excessive UV exposure, climate change, nutritional and hydration imbalances of the skin and its internal systems. Our aim is to re-educate you in better understanding your skin and the changes it undergoes  through your facial treatments with us. For more precision-focused facial and body skin resurfacing treatments, check out the DOCTOR BABOR Facials page.



Every carefully performed touch we make affects our minds and souls, opening the gates to our feelings and sensations, giving rise to a sense of safety, security and wellbeing.

With this in mind, we centre this to our range of body treatments, combining the knowledge of primal traditional methods with modern techniques. Through our select body treatment range, we introduce you to some powerful natural therapies, to include aromatherapy, massage therapy, far infrared ray therapy, heat and magnesium mineral therapy. With treatments designed to keep you fit and vital for longer, you can expect to achieve some accentuated skin and muscle firming results to keep you feeling and looking more youthful day by day.

We use BABOR SPA skincare products across our entire body treatment range, not only for their promise to deliver on performance but also for the desirable fulfilment for intense moments of indulgence that we all have. BABOR SPA creates a spa experience that goes far beyond momentary indulgence – it offers the incomparable luxury of restoring the fullest self.

Start your way to a positive wellbeing by treating yourself to any of our relaxing or remedial body treatments today! Your body treatment will always begin with a welcome ritual using your chosen BABOR SPA fragrance for sensory stimulation and cleansing purposes. Your sensory body peel, massage or anti-aging lifting body pack will follow as the core of your treatment, and finally a concluding goodbye ritual to gently awaken you from your resting phase restoring you from relaxation and providing a deep sense of bliss and happiness at the end of your treatment.

Facials for Men


Discover your skin’s true energy and performance with facial treatments targeted for the demanding male skin using high performing professional skincare products created especially for you – the successful modern man!

We use BABOR MEN’s contemporary skincare systems for their high-performance active Taurec complex developed specially for male skin to improve the performance and resilience of your skin. The Taurec complex contains Siberian ginseng, taurine and hops, all acting to speed up skin regeneration even after micro-cuts from shaving. With the male skin roughly about 20%-30% thicker than women’s skin, we transport you to a world of extremes – Siberia. Our facial treatments for men are rooted from Siberian shamanic rituals aimed at restoring balance and harmony to the mind and physical state.

Our aim is to guide you through your bespoke treatment on effective ways of looking and feeling good about your skin in order for you to exude confidence within yourself to look and feel more attractive everyday – the link between looking good, feeling good and being successful!

With product textures and fragrances created for the successful man’s palate, select any of our target-driven BABOR MEN facial treatments to address any skin-type deficiencies  arising from age, hormonal changes from stress and medication, environmental stress and pollution, excessive UV exposure, climate change, nutritional and hydration imbalances of the skin and its internal systems.


Luxurious waxing with natural products provided by mother nature!

Experience natural traditional vegan-friendly hair removal treatments that take care of your skin and sensitive areas from start to finish. We work with Outback Organic’s deliciously scented plum-based Opal peelable wax when waxing the face, smaller areas of the body, and for the hair down under. Freshly scented True blue gel wax is used when waxing larger areas of the body for speedy and clean waxing results. For precision-focused facial hair removal, opt for our threading treatments and rest assured that every single hair will be plucked away right from the first sign of re-growth. Threading offers a more cost-effective method of hair removal between waxing appointments, removing the most finest of hairs that sometimes peelable waxes struggle to remove.

Our aim is to make your waxing experience as natural, and as pleasant as possible. We use award winning Outback Organics products for all our threading and waxing treatments, not only for their efforts in supporting the Australian Indigenous people, but because their entire product range is free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, animal by-products and other harmful chemicals. You will also be pleased to know that none of their products have been tested on animals!

Interested in learning more about our waxing aftercare products, speak to us about it for maximised effects of your treatment at home, and in keeping ingrowing hairs at bay.