Body Treatments

Indian Head Massage

15min £15.00
30min £25.00
60min £45.00

Experience a part of Ayurveda healing with an Indian head massage created to relieve your upper body of pain, healing you and restoring the balance and harmony of your mind and body. This massage treatment is adapted to your physiological and psychological needs to uplift and relax you at the same time. Your Indian head massage will involve a combination of Swedish massage with some ancient and other modern massage techniques where all parts of your upper body are tendered to. This treatment will also improve the condition of your scalp and hair, stimulating hair growth through an improvement in circulation to your scalp’s hair follicles and roots.

Good To Know

  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Highly recommended for restoring limp hair, hair loss prevention, headaches and migraines, sinusitis,  tonsillitis, bell’s palsy and cold and flu relief.
  • Excellent for mobilizing and stabilizing hypermobile joints, hypomobile joints, tingling and numbness in hands and arms and carpal tunnel.
  • Great complementary therapy treatment for other mild forms of arthritis of the upper body.
  • Treatment can be provided fully clothed if preferred, with or without the use of a  massage oil.

Experience Touch Massage

30min £25.00
60min £45.00

A wonderful gentle wellness massage derived from a fluid combination of Western, Far Eastern and African elements to make your massage experience a truly relaxing one. Lymphatic drainage techniques are performed to drain your body of excess bodily fluids and toxins assisting in the reduction of any localized oedema (swelling). Choose your desired fragrance  from three of our luxuriously scented BABOR SPA fragrances for a tailor-made massage experience with a superior sense of wellbeing.

Good To Know
  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Highly recommended for treating tonsillitis, irritating coughs and chest pain or tightness.
  • Excellent lymphatic drainage for excess water retention pre and post surgery, lymphedema, other forms of oedema and gout prevention.
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Effective Touch Massage

30min £25.00
60min £45.00

Stimulate your body’s natural self-cultivating abilities with any of our 3 effective touch massages. A combination of acupressure, myofascial release, deep tissue and segment therapy are applied with techniques deriving from physical therapy, spinal column therapy and osteopathy. Therapeutic standards are met through a tailor-made approach to your treatment, focusing on particular areas of tension enabling you to immediately notice the positive effects of your treatment not only on your physical and mental wellbeing but also on your skin’s radiance.

The Relaxing Touch

A relaxing massage treatment that focuses on your back and neck. Tendon insertion points of your spinal column and back are massaged intensively enabling your spinal column to regain its proper upright alignment. Tension and energy blockages are released gently giving your back free mobility as a result for an intensive feeling of wellbeing. A relaxing aromatherapy fusion of Lavender Mint fragrances are used in this treatment for their calming and soothing effects.

Good To Know
  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Highly recommended for treating reoccurring moderate to severe backaches, migraines, bell’s palsy including other forms of neck and shoulder pain.
  • Excellent for treating sciatica, sacral shifts, pelvis conditions, scoliosis, lordosis, slipped spinal disks, tingling and numbness in hands and arms.

The Balancing Touch

An intensively balancing massage that is aimed at improving the function of your body’s vascular system and the overall body systems. A thermal stimuli is created by alternating between warm basalt stones and cool marble stones inducing an internal balanced state through micro-circulation. As a result, your body’s natural energy is mobilised. A balancing aromatherapy fusion of Cashmere Wood fragrances are used in this treatment for their grounding and rebalancing effects.

Good To Know
  • Suitable for anyone and highly recommended as an alternative treatment to a hot stone massage.
  • Excellent for relaxing aching muscles and boosts poor circulation.
  • Great for cyanosis prevention and treating lymphedema and other mild forms of oedema.

The Energizing Touch

An invigorating massage based on deep tissue and sports massage techniques created and aimed at bringing your musculature up to operating temperature to condition your muscles and prevent injury from physical exercise and other forms of strenuous activity. Intensive hand motions are incorporated in this treatment to boost circulation and stimulate the flow of energy providing new strength and vitality to your mind and body. An energizing aromatherapy fusion of Lime Mandarin fragrances are used in this treatment for their refreshing and uplifting effects.

Good To Know
  • Suitable for anyone requiring a firmer vigorous massage for deeper tissue work.
  • Highly recommended as an alternative treatment to sports massage.
  • Excellent for treating deeper muscles and joint stiffness, mild arthritis, hypermobile joints and hypomobile joints.
  • Great for sciatica,  scoliosis, old sports and spinal injuries.

Hot Stone Massage

30min £25.00
60min £45.00

A deeply relaxing and sedating massage performed using heated volcanic rock stones and a combination of Swedish and Balinese massage techniques to induce a powerful connection to the earth, inducing a powerful sense of wellbeing by grounding for the mind and spirit. We recommend this treatment for deep muscle relaxation where a firmer massage cannot be received, or as complimentary therapy to help with sleep deprivation. Choose your desired fragrance  from three of our luxuriously scented BABOR SPA fragrances for a tailor-made massage experience with a superior sense of wellbeing.

Good To Know
  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Highly recommended for reenergizing your body and preventing colds and flu during the colder months.
  • Excellent heat therapy for tension relief.
  • Great as an alternative skin decongestant treatment for eczema.
  • Excellent for reducing swelling and inflammation due to scar tissue, trauma or injuries to muscles.

Shaping Body Peel

45min £38.00

Slough away dull dead body skin cells and reveal a healthier new skin with this invigorating and skin smoothing body treat with an added anti-aging effect. Fine-grain mineral-enriched salts are used to exfoliate your body’s skin. Coupled with BABOR SPA body shaping products enriched with an anti-aging Vitamin C Elsberry fruit acid complex to detoxify, clarify, firm and help tone your figure. The skin regenerating effects of this treatment stabilise your skin’s moisture levels to protect against premature skin aging and environmental stress. The peeling is undoubtedly one of the most effective treatments for rapid body skin cell renewal for problematic parts facilitating the penetration of active ingredients needed by the skin to maintain its elasticity.

Good To Know
  • Intensively hydrating magnesium sulphates for alleviating muscle pain and swelling.
  • Best way to keep your skin’s tan even and radiant before and after a UV tan or a holiday.
  • Excellent skin prep before any of our body waxing treatments for a smoother wax with ingrowing hair prevention.
  • Highly recommended for treating and preventing body acne, cellulite reduction, patchy skin, uneven complexion, keratosis and pigmentary stains.

Anti-Aging Lifting Body Pack

105min £88.00

An intensive skin and muscle conditioning body treatment that firms, deeply nourishes and aids inch weight-loss. With the support of far infrared rays, your skin’s cellular metabolism is restored whilst tired aching joints and muscles are soothed. Powerful penetrating far infrared rays are used to stimulate an inch weight-loss process through hyperthermia initiating a deep body detoxification and a skin cleansing effect. You will be treated to a shaping body peel and a powerful anti-aging Elsberry enriched lifting body pack to intensively nourish, firm and refine your body’s contours. As your body pack takes effect, allow yourself to enjoy incomparable moments of indulgence wrapped up under a warm far infrared ray sauna as your therapist treats you to a lifting touch massage.

Good To Know
  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Highly recommended for healing and treating muscle tears and raptures including sports injuries.
  • Highly recommended as part of a weight-loss management programme for faster weight-loss results.
  • A course of 5 treatments should be received within a fortnight for faster weight-loss results.
  • Baseline measurements and photographs can be taken to plot the progress of your treatments.
  • Excellent complementary therapy treatment for dry skin conditions, mild to acute arthritis, chronic muscle or joint pain.

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