Benefits Of Having a Manicure or Pedicure Treatment

Manicures and pedicures are hot this season with GELeration manicures and pedicures in high demand in the warmer months. At Endulge Therapy, we use Jessica Nail Systems for their ethos and world-class natural nail care service. Jessica Vartoughian is a pioneer in the professional nail care industry as she was the first to recognise that like skin and hair, all nails are not alike as well, identifying the four different nail types – damaged, dry, brittle or normal – and creating specific treatments for each type. Nails require individualised treatments depending on the type of nails and their condition.

Beautiful nails are an expression of who you are and portray confidence
and power – results are well worth the time spent!

Benefits of pedicures and manicures:

  • They improve the appearance of your skin and nails.
  • They keep your nails and skin healthy by preventing nasty infections.
  • They promote healthy nail growth by improving blood circulation.
  • They reduce hard skin improving the sensation of touch.

Here is a great example of one of our clients suffering from Onychomycosis (ring worm of the nail) and athlete’s foot. This lovely lady had lost all hope in reviving her distressed nails and skin. A Deluxe GELeration Pedicure treatment (RRP £40.00) was recommended to improve blood circulation whilst promoting healthy skin and nail growth. Jessica’s GELeration gel polishes also offer a chip-free and longer lasting nail colour wear whilst concealing any nail imperfections for a smooth and beautiful super glossy finish. GELeration colour in Shock Me Red.

Onychomycosis – a whitish opaque ringworm nail infection that
causes brittle nails eventually lifting the natural nail
plate providing ideal surroundings for fungi.

Our gorgeous client was sent home with Jessica’s Phenomen Oil (RRP £9.50), Revitalising Citrus Foot Spray (RRP £8.25) and Antifungal Treatment (RRP £18.25) to treat her condition between the toes and behind the nails whilst adding essensial nutrients for healthy nail and skin growth.

£8.00 for Phenomen Oil if purchased with any nail care service.
Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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