Exfoliating Your Way to Smooth Clearer Skin

Like petals, skin cells naturally shed on a daily basis ultimately revealing a new layer of skin roughly every 28 days – this process is called desquamation. Desquamation is affected by lifestyle, sun exposure, the natural aging process, and other environmental factors. Through desquamation, the skin’s appearance is improved exposing fresh new cells. This natural process prevents excessive dryness to the skin and other skin conditions that cause may affect its appearance and texture.

There are a number of ways to accelerate the process of desquamation. These generally involve the exfoliation of the outer-most layer of the skin (epidermis – stratumcorneum). Skin exfoliation techniques can be adapted dependant on the skin’s thickness (density) and sensitivity:

Mechanical Exfoliation

  • Topical skin scrubs, e.g apricot kernel, jojoba or sugar grain scrubs – recommended up to 1-3 times a week.
  • Facial flannels – gentle enough for daily use.
  • Skin abrasive treatments, e.g. diamond dermabrasion – can be received once a week for problem skin or as a monthly skin maintenance service.

Chemical Exfoliation

  • Skin cleansers, e.g BABOR Enzyme Cleanser – gentle enough for daily use.
  • Exfoliating serums and creams, e.g DOCTOR BABOR A16 Booster Concentrate – these are usually retinol or AHA acid based for gentle yet effective management of pigment-related issues.
  • Skin peel treatments – these are usually AHA acid based for a powerful treatment that improves the appearance of scars, fine lines and pigment-related issues.


Exfoliating the skin regularly improves its blood circulation, its overall tone, texture and complexion, also helping to regulate sebum production [the skin’s natural lubricant]. Exfoliation also removes debris from the epidermis preventing blocked pores that can be the result of various forms of facial and body acne. Skin issues like pigmentation, scars, dull skin complexion, premature skin aging caused by dehydration can be controlled and dramatically reduced through regular skin exfoliation suited to the skin-type. Skin exfoliation also acts as a gentle massage to awake and stimulate the underlying musculature relaxing tight superficial muscles and improving their contours.

When it comes to facial and body hair removal, skin exfoliation is a great prevention and control for bumps and other skin irritations caused by ingrowing hairs. Individuals with thicker skins or coarse hair tend to be the victims of these annoying breakouts; exfoliating the skin at least 24 hours before waxing, shaving or any other form of hair removal unblocks pores preventing new hairs that are growing from curling up under the skin.

Full body exfoliation is one of the most effective ways of maintaining a healthy complexion and tan throughout the year. It helps you achieve a healthy and even tan that lasts longer which means you won’t have to top-up your tan as frequently! We recommend that you book yourself in for a Shaping Body Peel for a magnesium-enriched full body exfoliation at least a day before your tan or body wax treatment.

All the listed products are available for purchase from our online shop and at our treatment facility.


When the skin has been properly exfoliated, treatment serums, moisturizing lotions and creams that are applied topically will be more easily absorbed by the freshly exposed skin cells promoting better skin hydration levels and elasticity – this also helps to normalize the skin’s natural protective barrier making it more resilient to damage.


What is Diamond Dermabrasion?

Diamond Dermabrasion is a non-surgical form of deep mechanical skin exfoliation where a natural diamond-encrusted tipped wand/probe is used to buff dead skin cells away under a controlled vacuum suction that removes the skin’s dead cells. This service creates a rapid skin exfoliation and cellular regenerative effect that improves the skin’s tone, texture and elasticity through cellular a natural renewal and repair process.

Our diamond dermabrasion service comes coupled with a high frequency service to disinfect the skin whilst treating oily and dry skin at the same time, promoting a faster skin healing process that is experienced instantly.


Who is it for?

DOCTOR BABOR Diamond Dermabrasion is a treatment suitable for anyone wishing to…

  • Shrink large visible skin pores – an excellent treatment for men who want closer shaves but suffer with a dry and thick facial skin with ingrowing hairs.
  • Clear blackheads and whiteheads – an effective way to prevent further breakouts.
  • Get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and any facial puffiness – collagen and elastin skin cells are stimulated to smooth-out the skin.
  • Reduce the visibility of atrophic scars and stretch marks – a course of 6-12 treatments is recommended.
  • Reduce the visibility of superficial hyper-pigmentation – a course of 6-10 treatments is recommended.
  • Remove excessive dry dull skin from any part of the body –  a great treatment to have after a heavy night out or before a special occasion.

A course of 3 diamond dermabrasion treatments received over 9 days to treat atrophic scars.


Although the service is safe to receive, it is worth noting that certain conditions will affect whether or not it is safe for you to receive a service. If you suffer from, or have had any of the following , diamond micro-dermabrasion could aggravate or worsen your situation:

  • Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis B or any other viral diseases
  • Diabetic conditions and keloid scarring
  • Recent laser surgery, chemical peels, hypersensitive skin or tactile skin sensation
  • Acne Rosacea or broken capillaries as the skin is delicate
  • Taking anti-coagulation drugs to treat cardiovascular conditions
  • Using Retinol or Retin A products or roacceutane medication
  • Recent injectable cosmetic treatments
  • Pregnancy

When can I except to see results?

With diamond dermabrasion, you can expect to see results from your first treatment – with a removal of 0.06mm (superficial) to 0.45mm (medium) of dead skin cells from a single service. The exfoliation process of this service works to exfoliate up to 4 layers into the skin depending on what condition the skin is being treated for. As the skin continuously renews and repairs itself, its condition will also gradually improve over time. With this in mind, you can expect to see an improvement in your skin’s appearance up to 6 months after a service. Monthly services are encouraged to maintain a healthy natural skin barrier, especially where facial shaving is involved and for mature skin.

Are there any other benefits from receiving a diamond dermabrasion treatment?

Other benefits to expect from having a treatment include…

  • An improvement in circulation with a glowing and radiant complexion from an increased oxygen and nutrient transportation to the skin’s cells.
  • Less facial puffiness from an improved localised blood and lymphatic circulation and drainage.
  • Improvement of skin texture and smoothness caused excessive shaving and razor bumps.
  • A natural skin tightening effect from the stimulation of the skin’s collagen and elastin cells from a cellular rejuvenation effect on the skin and its underlying layers – these naturally slow down as we age.
  • This treatment has a short down-time period which means you can get back to work immediately after a treatment (only for mild to medium intensity).
  • Cost effective compared to other treatments like laser, with noticeable results up to a month+ (dependant on treatment intensity and how many treatments are acquired).
  • No risk of adverse skin reaction or ingestion of crystals as the treatment is a crystal-free process (unlike crystal micro-dermabrasion).
  • Suitable for anyone regardless of skin color ethnicity.

How often can I have a treatment?

Your first diamond dermabrasion treatment will remove excess dead skin cells and sebum, making the skin appear brighter and healthier, whatever the skin type; the more treatments you have – the better your skin will appear! We would normally recommend a weekly to monthly service depending on what skin condition you want to treat. A course of 6-10 services is generally recommended every 7-14 days for faster and more noticeable results – book a course of 5 or more treatments and receive a 25% discount!

A course of 2 diamond dermabrasion treatments received over 28 days to treat hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring.

Are there any side effects after receiving a service?

It is normal to experience signs of redness (erythema), dryness, mild skin bleeding or itching after you have had a diamond micro-dermabrasion treatment. We strongly advise to avoid scratching the skin if itching occurs; we highly recommend using soothing and nourishing skincare preparations after any diamond micro-dermabrasion service to subside any contra-actions that may occur after your treatment. We retail a select range of BABOR’s Skinovage PX products which support a safer skin healing process. BABOR’s Skinovage products offer individual solutions for the daily care of dry, sensitive, combination, blemished skin or skin in need of regenration, long-after you have received your treatment.

After you have had a diamond micro-dermabrasion treatment:

  • Avoid excessive UV exposure (sunbeds) for up to 7 days to prevent sunburn.
  • Always wearing a UV sunscreen on exposure to sunlight prevents skin irritation from an increase in sensitivity.
  • Avoid wearing a full face of makeup for 24 hours hours after your treatment. We recommend wearing mineral makeup instead as it can help aid the skin’s natural healing process.
  • Avoid the use of heated services, self/spray tan application and excessive physical activities like gym workouts for at least 48 hours to prevent skin sensitization.

If ever in doubt about whether or not diamond dermabrasion is the right treatment for you, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

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