Meet Claire Finbow

Claire’s life journey has been one of deep introspection, truth seeking and boundary breaking. From a young age she was practising transcendental meditation, studying Hindu and Bhuddist philosophy and searching for meaning, peace and happiness in life.

Through her work as a teacher, musician, counsellor and life coach she has developed many skills and had enriching and varied experiences which have shaped her style of coaching today.

She has worked with clients as a counsellor at the Castle Street Clinic in Guildford, Surrey as well as in private practice and over the years has moved into life coaching, incorporating her extensive experience and BACP counsellor training to help people move forward in their lives and achieve greater fulfilment and happiness.

Over the last six years she has developed her style of blending practical, goal orientated steps with the deeper, emotional work of observing and managing old patterns of behaviour which act as obstacles to growth. She has helped countless people to flourish and evolve their lives.

As well as transcendental meditation Claire has spent many years practising mindfulness meditation and offers sessions at Endulge Therapy. Mindfulness can help numerous conditions such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, depression and low self esteem.

Claire lived in Spain for three years, has written and co-produced her own music, taught languages at secondary school, abroad and in language schools.