Goodbody Botanicals – Hand Sanitiser Spray 100ml


Goodbody 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser


World Health Organisation Formula

• 80% Alcohol Base
• Kills 99.9% of Germs
• Over 500 Sprays per bottle
• No Water Required
• Multi-Use; Hands, Keyboards, Devices, Door Handles
• No Sticky Residue
• Handy portable size ideal for mobile workers

Use topically. Spray a small amount onto hands. Rub hands together until dry, ensuring that backs, palms and between fingers are covered. Use when necessary.
Ethanol 80%, Glycerol 1.45%, Hydrogen peroxide ).125%, Aqua 18.425%


Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Store out of reach of Children. For external use only. Store at room temperature. Keep away from flame or heat. Do not leave in a hot vehicle. Made in the UK.

Ingredients: Ethanol 80%, Glycerol 1.45%, Hydrogen peroxide ).125%, Aqua 18.425%

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