Naturallythinking – Frankincense Essential Oil


A fresh and clean citrus scent… with lemon hints and a wood like, spicy, balsamic undertones. Mind cleansing, body refreshing and uplifting.


Blends Well With: Lemon, Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Pine, Orange, Beragmot.
Country of Origin: Somalia.
Latin Name:  Boswellia carterii.
Part of Plant Used: Resin.
Purity: 100% Pure.
Scent: Fresh, Citrus like with woody, spicy, balsamic undertones.
Key Benefits: Regenerative.
Natural Contents: Cadinene (Sesquiterpene), Camphene, Dipentene, Pinene, Phellandrene (Terpenes), Oilibanol (Alcohol).

Also known as oilibanum the tree originates from the Middle East. It is a small shrubby tree with much biblical background and significance. The tree produces small white flowers.


As with all essential oils we do not recommend using during Pregnancy.

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