Naturallythinking – Sensual Massage Oil


Featured in the Sunday Times – Sensual massage oil is a traditional aphrodisiac blend for a sensual release.


It doesn’t just have to be for Valentines Day – Treat your partner to a loving massage with Sensual massage oil!

Created with the finest Ylang Ylang, Inhibition easing Clary Sage and arousing Pimento Berry with a twist of Indonesian Sandalwood. Ylang Ylang has long been associated with sensual and erotic feelings whilst Clary Sage naturally reduces body tension and release inhibitions. We combine these with Oriental Pimento Berry. which not only smells divine, but is rich in mythical aphrodisiac properties and Indonesian Sandalwood for exotic undertones. To finish, we add a chocolatey lushness, provided by Benzoin. Sensual Massage oil is enjoyed by men and women alike with its mixture of floral, woody and chocolate scents.


Massage the oil in loving, sweeping movements towards the heart to encourage natural relaxation,loss of inhibitions and a natural self-confidence. Sensuality can be used in the bath to help set the mood. When used in the bath add 10ml to running water and always take care as your bath may become slippery.

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