Naturallythinking – Stretch Mark Tummy Oil 200ml


Anti-cellulite treatment and body oil with a unique combination of Omega oils to tone and control Cellulite.


A 100% blend of rich oils which are safe to use during pregnancy. The oils nourish and enrich the skin deep down to help the skin’s natural function improving both appearances and feel of the skin, helping to eliminate the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Oil is used by both women and men and is safe for use by all ages. Rich in cold-pressed Rosehip and Sea Buckthorn makes this body oil naturally high in Vitamin E and an essential element to the skin’s appearance. Sea Buckthorn has one of the highest contents of omega oils and minerals which are essential for healthy and defined skin.

Free from synthetic colours, fragrances, parabens and non-GM.


Apply to clean skin. Rub on gently in circular motions once per day starting from the bottom of your stomach and making your way upwards, moving across the stomach, enjoy applying the oil.

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