Reflexology With Jane

Jane Belwal has joined us as our newest reflexologist and has already performed some wonderful treatments on some of our clients.
Jane was introduced to reflexology from a young age through a personal experience – here’s what she has to say on the topic:

“Growing up in South Africa, I visited a Reflexologist once a month for as long as I can remember; at 19 I fell off a horse playing polo and fractured my lower lumber vertebrae so I went to see a reflexologist every four days for 8 weeks. My personal results from the treatments were incredible and the theory behind reflexology began to intrigue me more and more.

Following this experience, I decided to learn more about reflexology by studying for a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology at Barnfield College Luton, followed by a Diploma in Reflexology here, in Southampton, in 2008.

I do not diagnose nor do I claim to cure – I simply stimulate the body into healing itself by applying pressure to specific points that correlate with organs and body parts to improve circulation reducing stress and in turn restoring natural balance.

Reflexology is for everybody and anyone looking for some stress relief and a complimentary stimulus to whatever is actually going on. At your reflexology appointment, we discuss where your problem areas lie… I stimulate those areas and give your feet a good all-over reflexology “work-out” and then you decide if this form of therapy works for you.

I have seen regular clients over the years who book in for bi-weekly or monthly appointments and I have been able to positively influence better health and wellness for them, alongside conventional medical treatments. Some of the other benefits of receiving reflexology include…

  • improvements in stress and anxiety levels
  • upper and lower back pain relief
  • diabetes control
  • infertility
  • migraine and headache management
  • constipation and bloating issues
  • sporting injures and old fractures

By applying pressure to specific parts of the feet, you can receive a different effect on the corresponding part of the body. Reflexology also makes for a wonderful therapeutic treatment for anyone who is not particularly keen on having a body massage, or short of time for a ‘lunch-time wellness’ treat.

I’m offering Reflexology at a reduced rate every Monday and Tueday throughout April and May where you save 20% off your first reflexology treatment with me. Get in touch to book a reflexology treatment with me, or to simply have a chat about your expectations.

I look forward to working with Brenda at Endulge Holistic Therapy and contributing to her specialist team of therapists by offering a professional and experienced approach to holistic healing.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

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