Sometimes it feels like everything is too much. A previously balanced life suddenly seems to cave in or crash in on us leaving us lost, unearthed, not coping or feeling out-of-control.

We might find ourselves questioning what happened to the good feeling we had last month or last week? One thing happened which changed everything, like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We can feel so fragile while at other times we have felt so strong.

Sometimes all the strategies we usually have at hand to soothe our weary minds and hearts don’t seem to work, we can’t sleep or relax and we feel foreign to ourselves. Our friends aren’t available, our health and relaxation regimes leave us empty and we don’t know why.

Sometimes it’s as if we don’t know ourselves any more and don’t know what to do and yet, as adults, we feel we should know what to do. Sometimes we need to know that this is normal and also healthy even though it can feel very uncomfortable and disorientating.

Our souls are growing and changing like a child’s body stretching itself up and out as it grows up into an adolescent.
The child’s clothes don’t fit anymore, the games don’t fulfill any longer, even the school friends sometimes change. We are still the same person in essence but our needs, beliefs and direction are changing.

Sometimes this happens as an adult too. Sometimes we need new clothes, books,
hobbies, people and places as our soul has outgrown something in our life.
Sometimes the weird, painful, chaotic, strange, messy, disturbing feelings are the
soul stretching its way out of the past and into the future.

Growing pains.

This happens sometimes and it’s ok.

Need some help?…

Speaking to a professional can help. Talking therapies give us the chance to explore our thoughts and feelings, and the effect they have on our behaviour and mood.


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