Stop for a moment

This time of year can be more frenzied for many people. Perhaps there are more work and social events, more expectations,
more expenses and at a time when health may not be optimum with colder, darker days and the usual circulation of colds and coughs.
Yet this is the time when we need to slow down as the earth sleeps and animals hibernate, we need to reflect and hear the small voice
within more than ever.

One of many effective ways to slow down is to give yourself half an hour and just sit comfortably doing nothing, All sorts of thoughts
and feelings will come into your head about all sorts of things such as, this is a waste of valuable time; I’m hungry; I didn’t feed the cat;
I must clean the bathroom; I should get Christmas shopping; my leg aches; my head hurts; should I change my job?, or you may simply enjoy
looking out of the window at the winter trees and passers-by feeling peaceful.

Whatever goes on in your head is not the point, it’s just noticing it. For many it’s an incessant flow of thoughts like a trickling stream
or a raging torrent and that is quite normal. What isn’t normal is that we just watch it, don’t react, don’t respond, don’t judge them.
We just sit and observe. That’s it… what could be simpler?

Moments like these nourish and restore us. We need them to balance out the busy activity of life. Wherever you can… on the bus, in the bath,
waiting for your children to finish swimming lessons, put your phone away.




…and watch.

Need some help?…

Speaking to a professional can help. Talking therapies give us the chance to explore our thoughts and feelings, and the effect they have on our behaviour and mood.


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